Epic just launched a technology preview of their Unreal Engine running inside the browser via Adobe Flash.

If you want to try out the demo ( http://unrealengine.com/flash/ ) using the Chrome browser you need do the following:

- Download the FP 11.2 RC Bits from : http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer11-2.html

- Install the Plugin update

- Go to your chrome://plugins/ settings

- Expand the ‘Details’ option at the top right of the plugins/settings window to view all the plugins installed

- By default, Chrome enables both your current FP version plus the FP 11.2 RC you just installed. To run the Unreal demo, disable all FP versions but the one. This should be the only one enabled.

The above is needed to run the demo using the Release Candidate bits. Once Adobe releases the final version of FP 11.2 the update will come automatically for Chrome users.



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