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May 312010

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Great news for those small and medium business looking for a fast and realiable cloud based ERP solution. The folks from PHC in Portugal just launched their latest offering, PHC FX, a SaaS system with a full fron built using Adobe Flex.

I personally have been following this project for quite sometime and I must say that the UI looks great, it's clean, easy to navigate and extremely responsive. They've done a great job.

Another great example of what RIA + Cloud services are capable off, enabling excellent Enterprise applications for the end consumer.




Not much to add to the title :)

Registration just open for the 2010 edition of the ultimate conference for anybody working with any of the many Adobe technologies.



In case you have missed this announcement, today starts  Adobe Online Developer week.

If you are interested in learning more about the Adobe® Flash® Platform and its related technologies don’t miss this opportunity to watch free, live webinars presented by Adobe technology experts.

And if you happen to miss the live sessions don’t worry too much about it, you will still be able to watch the recordings afterwards.



Quick note for all those Flex developers immersed in Flex 3 projects at this moment.

Andrew Shorten, Sr Flash Builder project manager, posted a great article on how to leverage the new Flash Builder 4 capabilities in your current environment.

Although Flex 4 introduces a new more advanced component model (Spark), it is important to note that 80% of the new features in Flash Builder 4 can help you immediately with your Flex 3 application development.

Moving from Flex Builder 3 to Flash Builder 4 is a no brainer and the performance and productivity gains are really significant.



The recently released Flash Builder 4 offers some nice Data Connectivity wizards that allows developers to quickly connect to back-end services using ColdFusion, PHP, Java/BlzeDS/LCDS, WebServices, XML, or HTTP Get/Post.

But what about hooking up to .Net services (not exposed as WebServices)? Now there is a solution for that as well.

Check the following post from Mark Piller on how to get the third-party plugin going in Flash Builder 4 leveraging WebORB version 4 for .Net



After a crazy last week, both from a travel perspective :), and product announcements (Adobe CS5), I wanted to quickly summarized some of the latest news around Adobe Flash Platform.

- Flash Catalyst Cs5, Flash Professional CS5, and Flash Builder 4 are now part of the CS5 suites. These 3 products provide a great set of tools for designers and developers interested in creating and developing content and applications that are delivered via the Adobe Flash Player and AIR runtimes.

- Flash Player 10.1 for Android Beta program: Soon you will be able to play around with the next version of the Flash Player for browsers on the Android platform. You can register to be notified when the Beta is public here.

- AIR 2.0 for Android Beta program: Similar to Flash Player 10.1, AIR 2.0 is also coming to Android and a Beta program is on its way as well. Register using this URL.

I myself have been playing around with the new tools and the runtimes betas, and I am really pleased with the worlflow that the tools provide when it comes to designing, developing, testing and deploying Flash based apps.

Running those on my Nexus One is as simple as navigating to a URL in the case of browser based content, or repacking my .air file as an .apk in the case of AIR 2.0 for Android. True multiscreen development.



The Adobe AIR team posted a nice entry of their blog about how to achieve multi screen development using the Flash Platform.

If that was not good enough Christian Cantrel demos running one application, completely unchanged, on five different screens( iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, Motorola Droid, desktop, and browser).




Lots of news this morning around Adobe Flex…

Most important announcement is the immediate availability of Flash Builder 4 (formerly known as Adobe Flex® Builder™), Flex 4 SDK, and Coldfusion Builder. For those of you that have been testing the different Betas the time has come to finally play around with the released bits.

Both the framework and the new IDE bring lots of new features and improvements, making this release a key step forward in Flash-based RIA development.

In addition, we added a new Social service to the Flash® Platform Services. The Social service facilitates integration between Web applications and 14 leading social networks using Facebook Connect, Sign-in with Twitter, MySpaceID and LinkedIn. So if you are looking to make your applications socially-savy this is a great new way to do it.

Aside from the product launches there are many new resources available to developers wanting to learn about the new framework and product features. got a brand new face lift, making it easier and simpler to find anything related to Flex, such as case studies, getting started tutorials, and much more.

Tour De Flex, the ultimate resource for developers looking for sample code, has been updated with the latest samples available demonstrating the new Flex 4 SDK capabilities.

On top of that you will find a huge amount of new and updated content on the DevCenter, , AdobeTV,, and Adobe Labs.

Enjoy your Flexi day !!!


For you gadget lovers here is a good preview of the new HP’s slate device running Win 7.

With built-in support for both Flash Player and AIR it will hit the stores sometime in 2010.

You can check other videos demonstrating Flash and AIR working on a range of platforms and devices at




Como algunos de vosotros ya habréis oído al Sr Xavi Beumala y a mi se nos ocurrió hace unas semanas montar un evento de tipo “inspirational” alrededor de la tecnología Flash.

Mas que nada es un evento donde varios expertos que llevan trabajando mucho tiempo en temas relacionados con Flash nos muestran en sesiones cortas de 30 min algún trabajo fuera de lo común, o alguna novedad.

Pues bien, este evento se realizara el día 4 de Marzo en la Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona (que amablemente nos han cedido sus instalaciones).

Todos los detalles de como, cuando, etc, los podéis encontrar en

Como las plazas son limitadas por favor registraros unicamente si sabéis con bastante certeza que vais a poder asistir.

Nos vemos allí!!!


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